User guide “AI Mobile App Builder” 

This guide contains all you need to know about our “AI Mobile App Builder” for building your dream ecommerce mobile app.

Overview of “AI Mobile App Builder”

Personalize your app’s homepage to fit your brand and preferences immediately using the AI Mobile App Builder’s simple drag-and-drop feature.

About our app

Upon installing your app, your initial task would be tailoring the homepage layout to reflect your brand’s identity and your preferences. By using the AI Mobile App Builder, this customization process becomes effortless, allowing you to witness real-time changes using our drag-and-drop function.

What do we offer?

We offer merchants 4 main features to smoothly customize your ecommerce app: 

  • Screen Builder: Create your homepage layout with multiple elements to choose from and further personalize your app (videos, images, collections,…)
  • Menu Builder: Tailor your own collections with this feature
  • Notifications: Create and set your notification campaign, alert your customers immediately  about What’s New with your business
  • App Submission: In addition, AI Mobile App Builder aids in your submission process, just by filling some information, your app is ready to launch!

AI Mobile App Builder User Guide

Below is our detailed guide on how to use “AI Mobile App Builder” 

I. Screen Builder/ Start Creating Screens: 

  • Click “Add Item” to add new elements to your Ecommerce Mobile App. 
  • Choose from the following elements to add to your app: divider; title; countdown; circle_collection; circle_products; gallery_products; carousel_products; carousel_collection; image; video; grid_product; grid_collection; discount; loyalty.
  • Note: You can drag and drop feature to align your ecommerce app layout. 
  • Divider: helps divide two sections/elements within the layout of the app
  • Title: helps you write the title of each section
  • Countdown: set the timer for your products (sale, discount, limited edition,…) 
  • Circle_collection: set up your own featured collection (Sale collection, season collection,,…), each item is represented by a circle.
  • Item setting for circle_collection:
    • Choose from the collection you already set up: Tick “Collection” then select “Browse” 
    • Choose from one of the collections you already set up
    • Click “Add” to complete this process
  • After adding the collection, you can view or delete the element by navigating the setting 
  • Click “Save” then “Back to home” to change other components. 

II. Menu Builder/ Design Menus: 

  • In the “Menu Builder”, the “Add item” and “Drag-and-drop” features remain the same as the “Screen Builder” 
  • This component is used to create an unique collection to add to the “circle_collection” element as we sawa above in the “Screen Builder”

III. Notifications/ Manage Notifications:

  • This component helps set up your notifications to alert customers about sale time, coupons, limited collections,…
  • Click “Create Notification” to create new notifications.
  • Then, input your own title and content that you want to notify your customers. 
  • Click “Submit” if you want to publish immediately 
  • Click “Save” if you want the notification to set later

IV. App Submission/ Get Submission Assistance: 

  • We also have components to help your transition to mobile smoother. This component helps you easily submit your ecommerce app by simply filling out your information.
    • Fill out your personal information including: Phone; Email; App Name; Splash Screen Image Url; Icon Url; Firebase information.
  • The second and also the last step is simply “Submit” your app 


That’s it for our user guideline. The AI Mobile App Builder simplifies app creation, offering an intuitive platform for crafting personalized, brand-aligned experiences effortlessly. Start building your unique app presence today.

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