hands-on : Write Data from an EC2 Instance to an S3 Bucket

To set up an IAM role with permissions to list and write objects to an S3 bucket and attach that role to an EC2 instance using Boto3, follow these steps:

  1. Create an IAM Role with S3 Permissions:Use Boto3 to create an IAM role and attach a policy that grants permissions to list and write objects to an S3 bucket. Replace 'your-policy-arn' with the ARN of your policy.
  2. Launch an EC2 Instance with the IAM Role:Use Boto3 to launch an EC2 instance with the IAM role you created

Use AWS Lambda:

If your trigger event comes from within the AWS ecosystem, consider using AWS Lambda. Lambda can execute your script based on various event sources, such as S3 object creation, HTTP requests, or other AWS services. Lambda can then invoke your script on your EC2 instance, allowing you to keep your EC2 instance in a stopped or hibernated state until needed.

Here’s a simplified example of a Lambda function triggered by an S3 bucket event to execute code on an EC2 instance:

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