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To configure an Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) queue to emit events to Amazon CloudWatch, and then trigger Auto Scaling events for launching or terminating EC2 instances based on the CloudWatch events, you can follow these steps using Boto3, the AWS SDK for Python:

  1. Create an SQS Queue
  2. Configure CloudWatch Alarm for the SQS Queue Replace with your queue name
  3. Set Up Auto Scaling Policies: You need to have Auto Scaling policies already created. Replace 'YOUR_AUTOSCALING_POLICY_ARN' with the ARN of the appropriate Auto Scaling policy in the CloudWatch alarm setup.
  4. Start Consuming Messages from the Queue:You’ll need to start a process to consume messages from the SQS queue. When the number of visible messages in the queue exceeds the threshold you set in the CloudWatch alarm, it will trigger the associated Auto Scaling policy to launch or terminate EC2 instances based on your scaling needs.

Remember to replace placeholders and customize the script to fit your specific use case.

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