Best Shopify size chart apps

Transform your Shopify store with the BEST size chart apps! Say goodbye to fitting issues, boost sales, and thrill customers with flawless shopping experiences!


Here’s a guide to help Shopify store owners pick the ideal size chart app, essential for cutting down returns caused by sizing problems. But with numerous options available, finding the perfect fit can be a bit tricky.

This guide evaluates Shopify app attributes, including features, pricing, free trials, ratings, and free options, to assist e-commerce owners in selecting the right size chart app. It reviews five companies in detail for you to make an informed decision.

What is a Shopify size chart app?

As an e-commerce seller, you know the challenges—especially with clothing. Customers can’t try items or gauge size, touch, or inspect closely. That’s why getting the fit right is crucial, as it greatly impacts return rates.

Using tools for better fit choices cuts down return rates for online sellers. That’s where Shopify size chart app comes in. But, which clothing size chart app is the right fit? With various options, features, costs, and customization levels, the choice isn’t easy!

The benefits of Shopify size chart app 

We’ve felt the thrill of online orders arriving, only to find the clothes don’t fit. Shopify size chart app developers get it too, thus, shaping apps to:

  • Guide owners to specify product details.
  • Help shoppers find their perfect size.
  • Prevent size-related mistakes.
  • Reduce returns/abandoned carts.
  • Portray professionalism.
  • Lift conversion rates for specific-sized items.

Simply put, a Shopify size chart app benefits both owners and customers. Explore these top Shopify size chart apps and pick your favorite from the list below!

Top 5 best Shopify size chart apps 

We’ve reviewed the top 5 best Shopify size chart apps for you.

Join us on the ride now, don’t wait!

AVADA Size Chart, Size Guide

Shopping online for the right size? Avada Size Chart simplifies it, aiding customers in finding their perfect fit. It’s not just about clarity but also cutting return rates. 

With 11 templates, customers easily pick sizes, reducing return hassles, boosting satisfaction, and lifting conversion rates for specific-sized products. Plus, seamless integration with Avada SEO Suite elevates your Shopify store.

Avada Size Chart aids customers with color coding and interactive measurements, empowering smart buying decisions. Thanks to Shopify Size Chart Apps, integrating this handy tool into your e-commerce site is a breeze. No more guesswork—welcome clear, precise sizing guidance with Avada Size Chart!

Key Functions:

  • Get 11 templates ready for instant use
  • Attach images/videos to the size chart
  • Position the button anywhere on any pages
  • Select from two styles: floating or inline-link buttons
  • Preview all settings at the backend

Pricing policy: 

  • Free version: Free of cost
  • Professional version: $4.99/month

Rating: 5.0 stars

Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender

Want unique guide tables for each item? Want to attract more shoppers? Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender from Kiwi Labs is the perfect choice to enhance your store’s interface and delight customers.

Kiwi saves admin time converting measurement units for different regions. With a click, input the measurements shoppers want for an exact conversion. Plus, the app provides three sizing fit recommenders:

  • Advanced Apparel Recommender: Uses machine learning to suggest the best fit based on basic info like gender & age.
  • Generic Table Recommender: Ideal for products with unpredictable body sizes (like pets or children).
  • Custom Size Recommender: Create your own recommenders based on unique logic.

Tailor the size table design to match your company’s products. Select size, colors, product status (in/out of stock), and more. No coding skills needed—just a few minutes to install!

Key functions:

  • Instant setup
  • Floating size chart buttons
  • Sizing fit recommendations
  • Dynamic size chart
  • Advanced sizing table
  • Total customization
  • Built-in analytics and Google Analytics link-up

Pricing policy:

  • Free Plan Version
  • Premium Plan Version: $6.99/ month
  • Ultimate Plan Version: $12.49/ month

Rating: 4.7 stars 

BF Size Charts & Size Guides

Spot-on sizing matters for any fashion or shoe brand, and BF Size Charts & Size Guides nails it. Create sleek size charts with custom text and images for each size variant, simplifying the hunt for the perfect fit. Wave goodbye to returns and welcome higher profits, all thanks to this app’s accurate measurements and user-friendly interface.

Designing tees, shoes, or any attire? BF Size Charts & Size Guides is your go-to for hassle-free sizing. Trusted by pros, integrated with Shopify and Vajro—its top-notch performance and features make it a must-have!

Key Functions:

  • Unlimited-size chart creation
  • Craft sleek, responsive, user-friendly size charts
  • Customize effortlessly
  • Link your size chart to products
  • Add texts and images easily

Pricing policy:

  • Basic Plan Version: Free
  • Premium Plan Version: $3.99/ month

Rating: 4.8 stars

ESC ‑ Size Charts & Size Guide

Size Matters by Eastside Co is an intuitive tool for crafting product size guides. Admins can create personalized charts from available data, choose templates, and tweak background colors to match their products.

Plus, the app lets you craft countless size tables to avoid overwhelming customers with text. Add animations or transitions to captivate visitors with each size chart.

Key Functions:

  • Create as many size tables as you need
  • Style them with CSS to match your stores
  • Easily locate specific sizes and tag photos
  • Stay updated by managing information through emails

Pricing policy: 

  • Basic Plan Version: Free
  • Premium Plan Version: $4.99/month

Rating: 4.6 stars

Ultimate Size Chart 

Ultimate Size Chart is a cost-effective solution catering perfectly to most online clothing and accessory retailers. It’s easy installation ensures shoppers get swift and accurate sizing details for confident decision-making.

The app crafts individual size charts for every item, offering vital details for customers. These charts cover basics like product sizes (S, M, L), colors, pricing, and available discounts. Admins can customize the charts using existing data and templates from the gallery.

Key Functions:

  • Craft product-specific size charts with images
  • Auto-convert your size units
  • Activate floating size charts
  • Design tabbed size guides
  • Import size charts using CSV files
  • Access ready-to-use templates
  • Capture customer size data at checkout
  • Compatible with third-party apps

Pricing policy: 

  • Unlimited Plan Version: $5.99/ month

Rating: 4.3 stars


Revolutionize your Shopify store with the ultimate size chart app! Discover the perfect fit for your customers and skyrocket your sales. 

Elevate the shopping experience – seize the chance to upgrade now and leave sizing worries behind!

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