Using a secrets manager and SSM Parameter Store in AWS

What is Secrets Manager

Secrets Manager is a powerful tool utilized for various purposes, including storing, rotating, monitoring, and controlling access to secrets like database credentials, API keys, and OAuth tokens. The automatic rotation of secrets can be seamlessly achieved using AWS Lambda functions. One of the key advantages of Secrets Manager is that it eliminates the insecure practice of storing secrets in vulnerable ways, such as hardcoding them in infrastructure-as-code or application code. Instead, secrets can be securely retrieved through a simple call to Secrets Manager. Access to Secrets Manager is controlled through IAM policies, allowing users or roles to be granted appropriate permissions for the service or specific instances. Moreover, Secrets Manager keeps an audit trail for every access, which proves valuable in ensuring compliance with regulations. In the context of Secrets Manager, a secret typically comprises credentials like usernames and passwords, along with connection details necessary to access a secured device.

How to create secret in Secrets Manager

What is Parameter Store

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