How to decide if coding is the right career path for you?

Technology has changed our lives more than anything else in the past 100 or 500 years. Software is the king of technology, and it runs our lives 24/7. The biggest companies in the world are software companies, and the next 100 years will also belong to software.

This has made the tech industry a dreamland for many people. However, it is not easy to break into the industry. You need to be at the cutting edge and passionate about excellence in order to make a difference. If you are not willing to put in the hard work, you will eventually be replaced by someone who is.

In this blog, we will discuss the skills you need to be successful in the industry. We will also provide guidance reasons why you should learn code.

What is coding?

There are many definitions of coding, but in short, coding is the process of giving the computer instructions. When you code, you are writing instructions in a language that the computer can understand. It may sound simple, but it can turn a computer from just a soulless object to a powerful machine that can finish complicated tasks in the blink of an eye. As complicated as a task can be done by a computer, learning to code may not be easy, but it will be rewarding. Whether you want to create your own website or step into a computer science career, there are multiple options for learning coding skills.

Why should I learn how to code

Job Prospect

It is undeniable that computer science is now the future, and developers’ career perspectives can be wide. In America, according to U.S Bureau of Labor Statistic, about 9,600 openings for computer programmers are projected each year, on average, over the decade. Moreover, as technology creates a strong impact on our lives, it is intertwined with almost every industry. This means that coders can find suitable positions both in and out of the tech industry, and success may come in varying fields.

High Salary

As demands increase, developers’ income is also competitive.The average salary, according to Glassdoor, for a software developer is $95,645 In comparison, the median household income was $68,703 in 2019 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Although salary is not everything when it comes to choosing a career, a good salary is still a fundamental factor that must be taken into account.

Understanding the world around you

In an increasingly digital world, understanding how technology works is essential. Technology plays an increasingly significant role in our lives. By learning coding, you gain a deeper understanding of the systems and algorithms that power our digital world. It helps you become a more informed and empowered citizen in a technology-driven society. For example, if you understand how algorithms work, you can be more critical of the information that you see online. You can also be more aware of the ways in which technology is being used to track and monitor us. This knowledge can help you make more informed decisions about how you use technology in your own life.

How to decide if coding is the right career path for me

If you find the reasons above interesting, you may be checking out computer programming right now. As you were scrolling through all the career introductions, the question of whether you were suitable for this job or not probably crossed your mind. Will coding be difficult? What if I don’t have the right skills for it?

 Coding is not a niche field, and there are plenty of qualities that you may have to learn to do a deep dive in some sections of it. Nevertheless, there are some underlying qualities that you should have if you want to choose this path.

Interested in technology

Whenever you browse a website, play a video game, or open any app, have you ever wonder how you can create one yourself? If you have, then congratulation, you have one of the most important thing a coder need to have: Interest in technology. If you want to work in the industry, you must first be interested in it. Programming is not a walk in the park, as you will face obstacles along the way to achieving anything, so a vested interest can become a great motivation to carry on. Without it, coders may struggle to stick with this job in the long run.

Being creative

Coding is not just about following instructions. It’s also about finding new ways to solve problems that have never been solved before. A creative mind helps you design user-friendly interfaces as well as engaging and visually appealing content. Therefore, creativity is an essential quality if you want to work in the industry. By developing your creativity, you can give yourself a competitive edge and create outcomes that are truly innovative.

Like solving problems

If you’re one of those people who can be over the moon when it comes to solving puzzles, quizzes, and logic games, imagine what it’s like to actually get paid for solving problems. Problem-solving isn’t just something that decorates the picture of this industry; it’s the core of coding. In coding, you are essentially solving problems by writing code that tells a computer what to do. Therefore, it is a developer’s job to think critically about complex problems, and if a person doesn’t find logical thinking enjoyable, he may become stressed and struggle while working.

Comfortable with using computer for long hours

As a developer, your closest colleague is the computer. It’s your job to work with it and guide this friend with codes and programming languages, so it will be hours and hours of you sitting in front of the computer for days. Ask yourself if you are willing to work with computers all day long and stare at screens to find bugs. This is not something that should be looked down on, as it’s also related to both mental and physical health issues. Nevertheless, if you are fine with this, then I think there is nothing holding you back now.

Learning or applying newly learning almost daily

Did I mention that technology is the future? Well, this future is changing at a rapid pace. New programming languages, frameworks, and technologies are being released all the time. If developers want to stay ahead of the curve, they need to be constantly learning new things. Learning new knowledge is also a way that coders use to stay challenged and interested in their work. So, if your dream is to become a developer, you can start self-learning as a good habit by spending time on it.

And if all the qualities above can’t satisfy you, why not try out coding yourself to see if you are suitable or not? With the advancement of technology nowadays, there are countless websites that provide free coding courses online. These courses provide not only theoretical lessons but also real-life simulation projects for you to test your abilities. There is nothing better to find out whether you should choose this career path or not than to actually have some hands-on experience with it yourself, and then the decision is yours.Comfortable with using computer for long hours

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