Getting Started with AWS CodeCommit: Setting Up Permissions

we’ll cover the essential steps to set up the necessary permissions for accessing code repositories hosted in AWS CodeCommit. If you’re new to AWS CodeCommit, it’s a managed source control service that offers secure and scalable hosting for private Git repositories. Let’s dive in!

Step-by-Step Guide: Setting Up Permissions

  1. Access AWS IAM ConsoleFirst, we’ll navigate to the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) console. AWS CodeCommit uses IAM to manage permissions. This means that you can control who has access to your repositories and what actions they can perform.
  2. Create a Group for Developers
    • From the left menu in the IAM console, click on “Groups.”
    • Click the “Create New Group” button.
    • Give your group a meaningful name, such as “Developers,” and click “Next Step.”
  3. Attach a Policy to the Group
    • On the “Attach Permissions Policies” page, search for “AWSCodeCommit” to filter the list of policies.
    • Select the “AWSCodeCommitFullAccess” policy. This policy provides full access to AWS CodeCommit, including the ability to delete repositories. Note that for production accounts, you might want to use the “AWSCodeCommitPowerUser” policy or create a custom policy with more specific permissions.
    • Click “Next Step.”
  4. Review and Create the Group
    • Review the summary of the group you’re creating and its attached policy.
    • Click “Create Group” to finalize the creation of the group.
  5. Add Users to the Group
    • Now that the “Developers” group is created, you can add users to it. Go to the “Users” tab in the IAM console.
    • Select the users you want to give access to AWS CodeCommit.
    • Click “Add Users to Group” and choose the “Developers” group you created.
  6. Generate Git Credentials
    • Next, you need to set up Git credentials for users so they can interact with AWS CodeCommit repositories from the Git command-line interface (CLI).
    • Go to the “Users” tab, click on the user’s name, and navigate to the “Security credentials” tab.
    • Under “HTTPS Git credentials for AWS CodeCommit,” click the “Generate” button.
    • Download the generated credentials as a CSV file. These credentials are user-specific and will be used when cloning repositories.


In just a few simple steps, you’ve set up the necessary permissions to access AWS CodeCommit repositories. You’ve created a group for developers, attached a policy to the group, added users to the group, and generated Git credentials for accessing repositories through the Git CLI.

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