AWS CodeCommit deep dive

  • Team uses AWS CodeCommit to manage the source code.
  • Incorrect code merged to the master branch by junior developers caused application issues.
  • Requirement: Create an approval rule for pull requests, ensuring approvals come only from IAM users of senior developers.

To require approvals from senior developers for pull requests in all existing CodeCommit repositories, follow these steps:

  1. Create an Approval Rule Template:

    • Go to the AWS CodeCommit console.
    • Navigate to the “Approval rule templates” section.
    • Click on “Create approval rule template.”
    • Define the conditions for approval, specifying that approvals must come from IAM users of senior developers.
  2. Add Senior Developers to Approval Pool Members:

    • In the approval rule template settings, add the IAM users of senior developers to the “Approval pool members.”
    • This ensures that only senior developers are eligible to approve pull requests.
  3. Associate the Template with All CodeCommit Repositories:

    • After creating the approval rule template, go to the repository settings of each existing CodeCommit repository.
    • Apply the newly created approval rule template to each repository.
    • This step associates the template with the repository, making it a requirement for all future pull requests.

By following these steps, you have now set up an approval rule template that mandates approvals from senior developers for all pull requests in your CodeCommit repositories. Junior developers’ pull requests will require approval from the designated senior developers, reducing the risk of incorrect code merges and ensuring better code quality control.

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